KTC was originally set up in 1971, by Hans Kremmel a native Austrian, importing Swiss yarns to produce turtlenecks for Benedikt Maeser. In 1973 it began working with Adidas, at one point becoming its exclusive sourcing partner for production out of Hong Kong, Macau, China and Thailand. It then got more involved in luxury skiwear and premium performance apparel.


After joining the company in 1997, Gerhard Flatz (who has been variously described as: ‘a visionary’; ‘a man not defined by geography, but by culture’; and ‘more than a force to be reckoned with’) took over as Managing Director in 2008, when he began reconfiguring the business and started on the initiative of seriously looking into compliance and sustainability issues.  

His breadth of view has created a focus where everything now centres about KTC’s three, eponymous, core pillars and his unswerving vision and belief. Only the best staff (Knowledge). Only the best (often proprietary) Technology. Only the best Craftsmanship.